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The Gondola’s simple design and effectiveness was proven not only as it is used in construction industry but also other industries that requires vertical access. They are used for works such as installation of glass panels, aluminium cladding, repainting and repair works. They can also be used in oil tank refineries for access to chimneys, cold boxes, on hips and dry docks and even for silo’s external and internal cleaning. Our gondola motors have undergone vigorous TUV/SUD load tests conducted by Professional Engineers from PSB Corporation.

The Modular platforms comes in standard lengths of 1m, 2m, 3m and can be assembled in various combinations to form a single length platform.

Suspended Platform (Gondola)


Anchorage Systems


Our MCWP is manufactured in Spain by Saltec Torgar who has been in this industry for more than 30 years. Their machines comply with EN-1495 European regulations. MCWP are for heavy duty constructions and are designed to withstand and function under the arduous site conditions. The rack and pinion elevating system requires minimum maintenance and is safe, reliable and versatile. It is design in a way that work such as anchoring to the building and mounting of mast sections be performed from the platform itself. Hence, Auxiliary Systems are no longer necessary for a harmless and easy mounting and dismounting.

*We also have other brand and models such as Alimak Hek MSM 1000, MSM Super and MSM 2450*


  • Manufactured in hot dipped galvanized steel of superior strength and long life performance
  • Extensions all along the platform, to adapt the machine to the buildings’ silhouette
  • Special extensions upon request for up to more than 2m
  • Electronic control panel: isolated, reliable and user friendly
  • Planetary type gearmotors with built-in electric brake
  • Safety control such as overspeed emergency brake installed on an
  • independent pinion stops the cabin in case of abnormal speed during descent
  • Lever to unlock the electric brake for manual emergency descent
  • Automatic levelling system in twin mast configuration
  • Platforms are with antiskid galvanized steel floor


Our Metal Scaffolds are managed by our subsidiary, Mega Construction & Trading (S) Pte Ltd, who has been in the operation since 2008. With a team of trained Scaffold erectors and supervisors, they have been growing in strength and efficiency.

Their utmost desire is to erect, modify and dismantle scaffold according to their Client’s expectation without compromising safety measures. As such, the supervisors conduct weekly site inspection to ensure a consistent compliance with Factories (Scaffold) Regulations 2004 and CP 14.